What We Look For

Our eDot Holdings Companies have combined revenue in the 8 figures.  We have a 20,000 ft2 Corporate Headquarters and Data Center located in Rolling Meadows, IL.  Today, we have close to 100 team members servicing over 1,000 clients per year.

We are looking to expand our company breadth in other Service Based Industries:  HR, Business Consulting, Specialty Recruiting, Training and more.  If you don’t see your industry in our current offering, please contact us to talk about it.

Within our current offering, we are looking to acquire companies that meet most of the following criteria.

For eDot: Networking and Network Support Companies

We currently look at companies in the technology space that have annuity based revenue, such as Network Support, Managed Services, and Hosting  In 2015, our focus is on companies with annual revenue between $250,000 and $4 Million.

We also work with companies that are not fully ready to be acquired. We develop a buy-out strategy over a period of years and slowly acquire the business to give the Owner maximum value.

For Xclutel: Telco Companies

We want companies that have existing Telco Contracts (multi-year) and have an in-house sales team with an established client base. 

For Movere Teleservices: Telemarketing Companies

We will look at any Telemarketing Company that has existing clients and revenue between $250k and $2 Million annually.

Image Perspective: Marketing and Design

Any small to mid-size firm that services over 20 clients annually that has had over $125,000 in annual revenue per year for the past 2 years.

Digitek / Chicago Voice and Data

We are looking for non-union companies that have existing service clients and an active sales process or marketing effort to acquire additional clients.   Annual Revenue should be between $150k and $1 Million.

Note from eDot Holdings:

If you or your company doesn’t exactly fit what you see above, call us anyway.  Perhaps a conversation will begin that will eventually turn into a transaction.

eDot Holdings is working on future plans in many other industries.  Let’s start a conversation.

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